Saturday, September 23, 2017

Enchong Dee was bashed after saying that President Duterte was a liar. Must see!

When the news about the P1000 peso budget of CHR came about, actor Enchong Dee had a problem not meddling and not sharing his opinion on Twitter. He posted on September 12 and 13, got bashed and praised at the same time, but he stood strong and said that he will continue uplift the Filipino dignity people
True to his word, he still voices out his opinion no matter how many people bash him and even if he draws flak on what he is saying.
is latest tirade is targeted to none other than the president himself. In his Instagram post, Dee was bothered with the way the palace used "unorthodox" and "out-of-the-box" to defend how the president fooled Senator Antonio V. Trillanes by dictating a wrong bank account on live television.
Here is the post of enchong:
"Unorthodox? I wonder what's the next word the palace would try to use from the dictionary to cover up his mess. Let me help you… He’s a Liar! #AkoLangTo” 
This post drew a lot of negative comments targeted to the young actor. As of this writing, the post seem to have been deleted already.

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